What is the difference between iOS and Android reviews?

The algorithms of both Stores work completely differently. And it’s applicable for indexation process, app optimization, keyword promotion and of course reviews. We would like to mention some things which are common for Google Play and App Store: Rating. Both Google Play and App Store show rating according to the country. So the overall app rating is different in different countries. 

So when we are talking about reviews on Google Play, one important thing is that they divide reviews according to the region. So users from the USA will see the reviews from users who are also in the USA. But one more important thing here is that they also pay attention to device language. So if you are in the USA, for example and you have set your device language as English, you will see the reviews from users who also are in the USA and who also have their device language as English. This fact is extremely important when we are talking about buying reviews, because when you buy some reviews on any service, of course you would like them to be seen by the particular group of users who can install or just view your application. And in such a way it is important to mention not only the region you would like to order the reviews from, but also it is important to point  the device language you would like your reviews to be left from. Because if we are talking about Canada, reviews may be left from the devices with English device language. But also French is popular in Canada, so the main region may be Canada but device languages are different and of course different groups of users will see the reviews which you have bought.

If we are talking about grouping of reviews on App Store, the situation is different and basically on the App Store only region is important. So if the region is Ukraine, they just show all the reviews of users who have left some feedback from Ukraine. So if you are in Ukraine you will see the reviews of ukrainian users without any connection to the device language, so they can have device language Ukrainian or English nevertheless. 

Also one more important difference which is extremely important for App Store optimization and for the indexation process is that on Google Play the keywords which are added to the reviews are indexed. Of course they are not as important as the keywords which you add, for example to title or to short or long description. But anyway if you would like to add some keywords to indexation to get some positions in TOP -250, you can add reviews with necessary keywords. You can read more about How to buy Android or iOS reviews safely.

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