Success story in Google Play: Reach the TOP 5 by promoting keywords

Marketing mobile apps can be quite a challenge when aiming for organic installs and user attraction. It’s widely acknowledged that a larger user base translates to higher earnings and increased success in app monetization. However, relying solely on paid user acquisition methods often falls short. It’s important to prioritize App Store Optimization (ASO) and keyword promotion to boost organic traffic. While every app developer dreams of their app becoming popular, have you considered the level of effort required to achieve success?

As Keyapp is professional in keyword promotion, today we are going to talk about the real cases of search requests increase using our installs and particularly we are going to discuss Google Play. 

As you could know, the recent changes on Google Play influenced a lot the way the app marketing is done. Beside all the changes connected with developer accounts requirements (cjnfirmation of the account, the need to use 20 testers if the account was created after the 13th of Nov 2023), everyone observed the influence on the app indexation process as well. If to discuss briefly, it is possible to say that changes Google have done since September 2023 influenced the way the apps are indexed for keywords and for now it could be difficult to make the application get ranked in top 250 only using ASO and paid UA. In most cases it is needed to update the text metadata several times now to get the indexation and let’s be honest, that makes the process of app promotion more difficult due to the fact that it is recommended to achieve top ranks at once at least for the keywords of low popularity so to be able to get organic traffic. 

How to make the app indexed on Google Play now? 

As we know the success of indexation depends on several factors: 

  • ASO – App Store Optimization is the main factor influencing the way the app will be indexed on the store. No doubts, if ASO is not done, do not wait for the app to be ranked. We always mention that everything in app marketing starts with ASO and anyway even in 2024 it is the main action you can do to get the indexation and attract organic traffic. 
  • Paid UA – of course, it is needed to show Google Play that the app has some users and activity, so the algorithm could start the indexation process. That’s why it is highly recommended to get at least some downloads after ASO update, for example using our CPI campaigns. 
  • App reputation – yes, that’s not the secret that app rating and reviews influence the ranks on Google Play as well as the success of keyword promotion. Pay a lot of attention to this factor and work with the reputation on a permanent basis. 
  • Keyword promotion – do not forget, that promotion of one keywords influences the indexation of others. The more keywords the app has in top ranks, the more new search requests will be indexed for this app.

That’s not a secret that even before changes on Google Play, the indexation process could take quite a lot of time and efforts even with all the steps followed. But as we mentioned before, with the algorithm update the general situation became quite difficult and not all the apps are indexed fast now. That’s why the first study case we would like to show is how to index the app for the keywords using installs at our platform. 

Let’s quickly describe the method we use now when our clients would like to get the indexation for the precise keywords. As you know, keyword installs may be delivered when the app is in top 250 for the request, cause we need to put the keyword in the search, find the app and download it from the list to make the algorithm react and increase the rank. But store changes, and we change our approaches as well, so while we were researching we came to the conclusion that using our technologies we can proceed with keyword installs even if the app is not in top 250 and such a process make Google to index the keywords. Of course, we cannot reveal the details, but here are some things you need to know to launch such a campaign: 

  • You can set the order as usually in your account for “out” keywords, just contact our support team or your manager to make sure the right settings are used
  • Such type of indexation installs can be used for all the apps and all the regions available at our platform 
  • We do not charge additional cost for such type of installs, this indexation campaign will have the same cost as you have for regular orders
  • You can use 15-20 installs daily for 6-10 days to make the app indexed, no need to set high volumes 
  • Unfortunately, we cannot provide any guarantees that the keyword will be indexed, but for now we observe huge number of successful cases using such a method

In this video you can also check some additional details about indexation using our installs, and let’s consider some successful cases right now. 

The app we worked with is casino targeted the US market. As you may see from the example below, when the promotion was started, the application wasn’t in top 250 for the keyword, but despite this fact the installs were delivered. We used 20 installs during 10 days and on the 9th day of campaign the application appeared in top 250 for the keyword occupying rank 151. Of course, after this we started to increase the daily volume so to get higher rank and as a result achieved top 5 for the keyword for which the app was not indexed at all when we started the delivery of installs.

The next example is for the same app and region, but the keyword is “slots casino”. In the US this is the request of middle competitiveness, so as we understand, it can give higher volume of traffic. The strategy used for this keyword is pretty the same – 20 installs daily during 11 days and as a result of our installs the app appeared on 205 place on the 7th day of campaign and boosted to top 20 on the 10th day. After this we doubled the amount sent daily and app occupied top 5 for the keyword which was “out” at the beginning of promotion.

Let’s check the example for another app and region, so we could show that such a method may be used for all the regions. The app was promoted in Brazil. The strategy used is still the same, only 20 installs daily for the keyword. Pay attention one more time, that to get the index, you do not need to proceed with high volumes. As the result on the 7th day the application appeared on rank 14 and in a couple of days more achieved top 1.

If to be honest, such type of indexation method may even make the app indexed at once in top 1 and here is the example for the same app and region. The strategy used is the same and the result achieved is amazing, the application hasn’t just appeared in top 250, but at once occupied top 1 and keeps the position now due to some additional traffic of the same volume and organic installs.

Despite the ongoing challenges faced on Google Play, we remain committed to continually improving and offering new opportunities for our customers, while remaining mindful of the current situation on the platform. While it may not be feasible to address all issues simultaneously, we are always prepared to lend assistance and tailor strategies to meet your specific needs, even in seemingly impossible situations. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details regarding indexation and keyword promotion on Google Play!

My way in keywords promotion and ASO started more than 3 years ago. At this stage I work closely with different app categories and have an experience in keywords promotion both of Android and iOS apps.
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