Category - FAQ: General questions


How many installs I have to order?

Everything depends on your application. You have to take into consideration the duration of the placement, number of installs, goals you want to reach. There are standard reminders you keep in mind while setting your order: Our minimum...


How long I have to promote my app?

There is no common or specific strategy. Let’s just consider two types of promotion, which generally suit two types of applications: for new and for those apps which have already been on the market. If your application is a new one, start your...


Do you have bonuses?

If you want to test our service, try to add a minimal payment of 20$ to your account. It’s enough to see the result and test our service. We have a special bonus program for our clients, you may find all the information in the Dashboard...


What region I can choose?

We provide installs from Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, India, USA, Japan, Korea, Russia and Brazil.

All prices are the same for each region, so you can choose any country from the list.