How do you keep on top 1 after you achieve it with keyword installs?

The keywords are quite different, and the process of keyword promotion for different keywords is different as well,as are the results you may get. If you want to keep the position, it is necessary to set up the campaign even after you reach the top. The first step we need to do is evaluate for how many days it will be okay to set up the supporting campaign for the rank. 

So usually for Google Play, it is okay to set four- five- seven days and then check out the keyword behavior to see if there have been any changes in the rank. If we talk about the daily volume to use to keep the position, we recommend to continue campaign with approximately the same amount you have used for at least three to four days. And if you see that the rank doesn’t change, you can start to decrease this daily volume by 20-30% like once every two or three days. In this way, you will help the application stay at the top, because we understand that after the application achieves a particular rank, it is not certain that at once the organic downloads from the search will appear. It is needed to understand that for Google, it is needed some time to update the rank on all the device types for all the users, so organic downloads from the search may not appear at once, and that’s why it is recommended to such keeping campaigns just to save the rank you achieve. 

What about Apple? As you remember, the Apple algorithm is working faster and updating all the ranks faster so you can get the particular rank faster and do not wait like five-seven days like on Google for the rank updates. You can just add the installs and observe the increase over the next one to two days after all the installs have been delivered. So when you work with Apple, you actually can use this strategy when you add a particular amount of installs, You achieve the position, and then the next few days you just follow if the position is stable. If you see that it is stable, you can not continue installs and if you see that the position is actually starting to decrease and there are some changes, you can react and add the same number of installs to boost the keyword to the particular rank and in such a way as to follow the changes. Of course, for some keywords, both for Google Play and for the App Store, it may be needed to add installs to keep the position for a long period of time. Usually these are keywords of high popularity competitive keywords like “puzzle” or “drifting”. We understand that for such requests, there are a lot of apps aiming to occupy top one. So if you achieved the particular rank with such a keyword, it is highly recommended to conduct at least one campaign to keep the position, and then it may be possible also use some more campaigns with the half of the daily volume you used with 30% of the daily volume just to make sure that the reached rank will be saved for your application. 

And of course, do not forget to work with the ASO, try to update the App Store assets like icons and visuals all the time if you see that they do not convert into the install. 

If you achieved top rankings with some highly popular keywords, you may lose the position fast due to issues with the application itself or with the app’s reputation, for example, so before you are aiming to occupy top rankings for some highly trafficked keywords, make sure that the application is ready for this. You may have spent some funds for this, but after you may lost the position because there are other applications with the better conversion rates, for example, or with higher overall operating in the particular region.

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