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How mobile app reviews will improve app reputation

In the app promotion niche, paid reviews give you two benefits that directly give you more installs from real users.
Use brand words
You can add brand search requests to get into the index on Google Play (it doesn't work for App Store). Because you can not use brand names in metadata. If you do so, your app will be downgraded in the Android or iOS search for these keywords and it will require higher expenses to be at the TOP of the ranks for them.
Expand your keywords
To expand your keyword cloud or give more weight to your app by a certain search request, you can manually write texts for your application reviews with the words you will promote by installs.

SERM – Improve app reputation management

Manage app reputation with positive reviews.
You have fixed these problems and even commented on the feedbacks. But do you want new clients to consider whether to download or not reading these comments? No, you do not. So you buy app reviews with a positive experience.
Negative review after updates
Explaining what your app is about. What to convince that your app gives what the user was searching for? Write it in your reviews for him/her. Let them be sure they know what they download.
Brand trust
Many devs (more than 70% so far) target 4+ rates, so they try to add positive reviews and ratings to their app on a regular basis.
You want to improve the overall rating of your app
They order negative reviews for your product and newcomers do not trust your application. You can write under each review but it will not save the situation anyway. It is better to add more positive reviews to your application and push those negative down the list.
Competitors war
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