How to get into the index for the keywords if the application is already optimized and if it is new?

If all things like the title, short and long description, screenshots, and icon are already done but the application is not indexed for keywords anyway.

If we are speaking about Google Play, remember that it needs some time to get into the index for the keywords to show your application for search requests; do not wait to get into the index for the keywords all at once over several days. Usually Google Play needs one to two weeks, sometimes three weeks, to put your application in the top 250 for the keywords.

Secondly, it is needed to show Google Play that the application starts to get some installs and there are some in-app activities; this can help Google’s algorithm start the indexation process. To help with this process, you can order some installs from CPI campaigns. Users will install your app only if they like it. That means you will attract people who generate in-app activity and income for you. This can assist Google in understanding that the specific application, which is not indexed for the keywords, has some activity, and it is high time to include it in the list of apps for some low-popularity and low-traffic keywords. In most cases, at the first step, the application will be indexed for some long-tail keywords such as “drifting car games,” “drifting car games offline,” and “drifting games with hand braid.”

  • While some installs are received by the app, you just need to follow all the changes in your app positions for the keywords. For example, on our platform, you can do it completely for free using “Smart Campaign,” which can help you get a list of keywords your application is already indexed for in the particular country.
  • If we’re talking about Google Play, it is important to remember that the algorithm also checks screenshots and reviews. So you can order some reviews with keywords added to their text, and in such a way, Google will go to the review section and check all the feedback the application has. If some keywords are added, this also increases the app’s chances of being indexed for the keyword.

When you optimize the Apple application, I would like to draw your attention to some mistakes that can be made. It is important to remember that for Apple, it is completely enough if you add the keyword once in one field, which it checks to get the index for the keywords. Remember that Apple checks the title, subtitle, and keyword fields, which are not seen on the App Store, but it is seen in App Store Connect. It is the field where only developers can add the keywords associated with their application. It is completely enough to use one keyword once in one field, for example, only in the title or only in the keyword field. Also, one more mistake about the keyword field: do not put the whole phrases there. You can just separate the different words with a comma, and the app store will create the keywords based on the results.

The most important thing for the App Store is when you add some keywords to the text metadata, and keep in mind that the App Store does not check the screenshots for keywords with the goal of indexing the app, as well as the long description. Also, it doesn’t check the reviews. So, basically, the number of tools you have is related to in-app activity and some promotion of already-indexed keywords. It is important to mention that on Google Play, the indexation process takes even one, two, or three weeks, but on the App Store, this process is much faster, and basically, when you add the application to the store, you can already observe some keywords indexing over several days.

  • After learning the application on the App Store, it is critical to track all changes with the keywords you have, because it is necessary to catch the moment when the application is ranked for the specific search request and begin the promotion to fix the position. Because one app store gives this boost, of course they give some low positions close to 200–250, and our aim in such a case is just to catch this moment and fix the position with at least the top 50 to be able to promote it further.
  • If you want to get into the index for some keywords, you should use App Store optimization as your primary tool, along with some additional traffic to show App Store that the application is becoming more popular, and of course, you get the moment when some keywords are already indexed for the specific application.
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