how to choose app promotion service

Full guide about how to choose mobile app promotion service?

When choosing a mobile app promotion service, there are several key factors to consider: reputation and experience, services offered, pricing, experience in promoting similar applications, communication with the Support Team, scalability, free tools which help test service, analytic and reporting, refund policy and guarantee.

Before a mobile application starts making its first profit, it needs to go through two stages: development and promotion. For the first one, you need a budget and the services of developers, and for the second one, you need to correctly answer the question of which service to entrust the promotion of the application. You can do this on your own for a long time if you have no knowledge and experience, but  there are a lot of agencies on the market. Which of them is guaranteed to help bring the application to the TOP and will not deceive you, read in our article.

How to recognize a professional mobile app promotion service

1. Reputation and experience

Look for a service that has a good reputation in the industry and a track record of successfully promoting apps. Read online reviews and check the company’s blog to see examples of past work. As a rule, a reliable agency actively maintains social networks – Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube channel, answers questions in Quora website and speaks at conferences.

2. Services offered

Make sure the service offers the types of promotion that you need for your app. Some services may specialize in specific areas such as app store optimization, social media marketing, or influencer marketing. It is better to start keyword promotion after or at the same time as ASO. The rest of the channels will perfectly complement your marketing strategy.

3. Clear Pricing

Compare pricing plans from different services and make sure you understand what is included in each plan. Some services may charge a flat fee for their services, while others may take a percentage of your app’s revenue. Check that in the selected promotion service you pay only for the number of installations that you ordered. On platform you can see the total amount automatically when making an order.

4. Experience in promoting similar applications

Look for a service that has experience in promoting apps like you have. You can ask the support Team if they promoted the similar app or check the company’s blog with relevant cases.

5. Pleasant and comfortable communication with the Support Team

Be sure the service is able to communicate effectively and timely with you and provide detailed reporting on the progress and outcome of the promotion. It is very important that the Support Team responds to your questions in chats and social networks in a timely manner. Our staff also help with the keyword marketing strategy for Android and iOS apps, helping you pick the most relevant keywords for your app based on your starting positions. Each client, after registering on the platform, receives a personal manager for free. It effectively helps manage your account,  analyze your app and keep your app at the TOP 3 of iOS or Android search.

6. Scalability

Consider if the service can grow along with your app, and offer more advanced strategies or Geos when you are ready to expand. Localizing your app can unlock lucrative opportunities to reach more users. Being global and promoting apps worldwide with different services such as smart campaign (is a tool for creating the most optimal campaign for your app in order to reach TOP positions by maximum number of keywords with minimal budget. We will pick keywords and amount of installs per keyword for you in a single click.), CPI campaign and reviews with guarantee.

7. Free tools which help test service

This is an important point, since being able to test the selected features shows that the service is reliable and will not deceive you. Ask the Support Team how you can test service or how you can try some tools on it. 

For example, on our platform you can use free ASO tools like:

  • free list of suggested keywords to develop your keyword cloud.
  • free rank, score and traffic checker for each keyword
  • Use keyword rank history tool for better promotion and analytics. When you add keywords and start app promotion you will see keyword rank history in “My keywords” menu.

8. Analytic and reporting

When it comes to promoting a mobile app, it’s important to keep track of key metrics such as keyword installs and estimation of promotion results. One way to do this is by using the analytics provided by the platform and the developer’s console for your specific app. This will give you more accurate and dependable information about the effectiveness of your marketing efforts absolutely free.

At you can check both the amount of installs delivered for each keyword you promoted in the specific region and, of course, the results in position increase in the section called Statistics. This will give you the complete understanding of how many downloads where needed for your app to get the particular position as well as to analyze how long it took.

Do not forget that all the installs you order on our platform are reflected in the Google Play Developer Console and AppStore Connect. So after the campaign you will be able to see the overall increase in the amount of downloads your application gets, as official store statistics track each installation we provide.

Google Play Developer Console

9. Refund policy and guarantee

having a refund policy can provide a sense of security for both the customers and the mobile app promotion service and in the process avoid any future disputes. Additionally, it also helps customers have a better experience and feel that you are being treated fairly. For example,’s refund policy is understandable and clear: To request a refund on platform, please specify the reason for the return from the provided list, include the payment method used, your email address, and the payment number. If your reason for the return is not listed, please briefly describe your issue and we will reach out to you for further clarification.

Sum up

Ultimately, the best way to choose a mobile app promotion service is to do your research and speak with multiple providers to understand their capabilities, read online reviews and check the company’s blog to see examples of past work. Don’t forget to review pricing, services and guarantee, contact the Support Team to ask about free tools which can help you promote the app.

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