Reasons for getting refund

  1. Google Play algorithm or due to massive load of our service. If you have not received the installs, please send us screenshots from the Google developer console to hello@keyapp.top, indicating the days in which you promoted the application, using our service.
  2. You stop promoting your apps. We cannot contradict you if you decide to withdraw from the market but we will definitely return your remaining funds from your account.
  3. You tested the service and you did not like it. We will refund you the rest of your balance if you are not going to spend it.

We don’t do the refund, when:

1.You spent money on promotion, ordering reviews and rates and not satisfied with the result. Do not forget that you agreed to the rules of company’s terms before placing an order.

2.You just don’t like the the results. We have completed your order and no longer have the right to return funds for it.

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