Buying Installs for Your App: Pros and Cons

Buying installs is the process by which real users install your app for a certain fee. This method is one of the most effective and safe ways to increase your app’s popularity, especially if your app has not yet gained enough recognition to attract thousands of users. Install boosting is suitable for both the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

This method is used by many developers of well-known games and applications. Over time, their products start to receive a steady stream of organic traffic, but in the initial stages of promotion, motivated installs help apps rise in the rankings and achieve top positions.

The popularity of install boosting can be explained by several reasons:

  1. App Store and Google Play Algorithms: A large number of installs in a short period can significantly boost an app’s ranking. The algorithms of the App Store and Google Play consider the number of downloads as one of the key factors in determining an app’s popularity and visibility.
  2. Attracting Real Users: A high ranking and a large number of downloads create a social proof effect. Users are more likely to download apps that are already popular and have numerous positive reviews.
  3. Competitive Advantage: In the highly competitive mobile app market, install boosting can be a crucial tool for gaining a competitive edge. The higher an app is ranked, the more likely it is to be noticed and downloaded by potential users.

Thus, install boosting has become a widespread practice among developers and marketers aiming to elevate their apps to new heights. However, despite all the advantages, this method also has its pitfalls, which should be considered when deciding to use it.

Where can you buy install boosting services?

One popular service for purchasing install boosting is This service offers various install packages, allowing developers and marketers to choose the most suitable options for their goals. works with different traffic sources and provides high-quality installs that can enhance the visibility of your app in the stores.

Advantages of

  • Flexible Pricing Plans: The ability to choose an install package based on budget and goals.
  • High-Quality Traffic: The installs are from real users, which helps improve the app’s metrics.
  • Support and Consultation: The team provides consultations on optimal use of the service and helps to avoid issues.

Important to Know

Motivated installs do not lead to blocking from the App Store or Google Play. This traffic fully simulates natural user actions, which is confirmed by tracking systems. Our anti-bot and anti-fraud systems eliminate install falsification.

We recommend this method if you are not willing to spend large sums on advertising. Install boosting is equally effective for both new applications and those needing to regain user attention.

How to Avoid Problems?

While purchasing app installs can bring significant benefits, it’s important to follow certain recommendations to avoid potential issues:

  1. Avoid Purchasing Too Many Installs at Once. Gradual purchase of installs helps avoid suspicion from app stores and minimizes the risk of blocking. Consulting with the platform manager to choose the optimal growth rate is crucial.
  2. Regular Monitoring and Analysis of Install Quality. Continuously track the quality of installs received. Ensure they lead to real user activity rather than being merely numerical indicators. This helps identify and address potential issues at an early stage.
  3. Optimize the App to Retain Real Users. Buying installs is just the first step. It’s essential to optimize the app to retain new users and encourage active usage. This includes improving the user interface, adding useful content and features, and regular updates.

Advantages of Install Boosting for Google Play and App Store

  1. Quick Ranking in Top Charts. Motivated installs help rapidly elevate an app in the rankings, allowing it to reach its target audience quicker and begin monetization. The time frame to achieve top positions can range from 4 hours to several days.
  2. Long-Term Position Retention. A continuous flow of paid installs helps maintain high positions in the market for an extended period.
  3. Economic Efficiency. The cost per install is affordable, and various tariff plans are available, making it significantly cheaper compared to expenses on advertising and social media marketing (SMM).
  4. Improved Ratings and Reviews. Motivated users often leave high ratings and positive reviews, which positively impacts the app’s ranking.
  5. Increased Visibility. An actively downloaded app may appear in recommendations alongside competitors, attracting the attention of users initially interested in other products.

Cons of buying installs of Install Boosting

  1. Need for Ongoing Support. Without a regular flow of paid installs, an app can easily lose its positions in the top charts. To maintain high rankings, continuous promotion is necessary, including attracting organic traffic through advertising and securing reviews for your app.
  2. Limitations for Narrow Niches. Paid installs may not be effective for apps targeted at a narrow audience. In such cases, advertising and word-of-mouth marketing are more efficient strategies.

While purchasing app installs presents an effective method for quickly propelling an app into the top positions on the App Store and Google Play, it’s essential to consider both its advantages and potential risks. Without consistent support and the attraction of organic traffic, an app can swiftly lose its positions. Additionally, monitoring the quality and activity of acquired users is crucial to avoid low engagement issues.

To ensure successful promotion, it’s advisable to combine install boosting with other marketing methods such as advertising, social media marketing (SMM), and app reviews. This approach enables stable growth and sustainable development of your mobile application, attracting both motivated and organic users.

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