Developers, You Will Be Able to Better Communicate with Google Play

Google says that in the coming weeks, the company will update e-mails that it communicates with developers in which they will “better” explain their decisions, including clarifying information about why the decision was made to deny publication, how applications can be changed to meet the requirements and how to file an appeal. If necessary, they will also include a statement of appeals together with the appropriate forms.

“From the very beginning, we wanted to make Android a fully open operating system … This developer-oriented approach and openness from the very beginning were the cornerstones of Android philosophy,” says Samer Samat, vice president of product management on his blog. – “But with the growth and development of the platform, every decision we make was compromised … We have always taken this responsibility seriously to our users.”

Google will also add more live reviewers to its app review team to “speed up” and make the “personalized” appeals process more.

In addition, the company will strengthen the analysis of applications from new developers, without the reputation that will allow them to reduce the number of erroneous solutions.

“Although more than 99% of our blocking decisions are correct, we are very sensitive to errors,” Samat writes.

Hopefully, this will have a positive impact on both developers and google play users, so let’s see how it goes!

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