How does Keyapp check the keywords ranks for Android apps from now?

As far as you may know, recently Google has updated the web version of Google Play Store which has brought a lot of changes connected with the possibility to check the app positions for keywords, both manually and with the help of developed algorithms. 

On the first screenshot you may see how Google Play Store looked previously. In this old version everyone was able to put the keyword in the search bar and to check all 250 apps in the list like on the mobile device.

Almost half a year ago Google Play changed the web version algorithm for Asian countries, such as South Korea, Hong Kong etc. But recently they have rolled out these changes to all the rest countries what can be seen on the screen below.

It can be checked with the link as well, where you will find the list of apps for the keyword “car racing” in the US. If you scroll till the end of the page, you will see that there are only 30 apps in a list.

The main change which came with this update is that from now there are only 30 apps in the list in web version (do not worry, there are still 250 apps in the list on mobile devices as it has been previously, so it is surely needed to promote the app for keywords to get higher ranks).

This change has caused the issue with the rank checking engine both at our platform, and at other ASO services as well, as it may be seen from the statistics. Previously, most services checked the ranks with the help of web version in private mode to avoid the personalization of apps list. Now it is not possible to proceed like this with a rank lower than 30, so Keyapp team was forced to find new algorithm to provide the positions from 1 to 250 as usual. 

How do we check the ranks now and what algorithm to use? 

We have found out the way to check the app ranks for keywords and created a completely new algorithm to show positions from 1 to 250 on the platform. Here are the main factors which are important to pay attention to while working with ranks checking at our platform:

  • ranks from 1 to 30 are still checked with the help of web version as Google Play shows these positions
  • ranks from 31 to 250 are checked with the help of our new improved algorithm

This algorithm created by our developers team checks ranks and takes into account all available personalization factors and shows the most actual average keyword positions in real time without delays in the way the real organic users see the list of apps on the store.

If you still have any questions connected with ranks checking at our platform, please contact our support team on or your personal manager and we will do our best to clarify all the issues!

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