Case study. RPG games promotion strategies

As you know, we work with different categories of apps in keyword promotion and it is needed to say that we have a huge experience not only in tool apps promotion like VPN, PDF readers etc, but in games as well. Of course, we would like to mention that games promotion is one of the hardest as the competitiveness is quite high. Anyway, according to the statistics, in Games category the search organic traffic varies from 20 to 90% depending on the category, so it is needed to consider the keyword promotion as a marketing tool for game apps as well.

It is worth mentioning that promotion of each application can differ significantly, so the results could be different as well. As our promotion influences only app positions for keywords, there are some other factors that depend on your work with the app:

  • in-app activity
  • application history
  • app page quality
  • organic installs amount
  • current ranks of relevant keywords
  • app reputation

In the following case study we would like to tell more about RPG games promotion, keywords popular in this category as well as the promotion strategies we used to get top ranks for search requests. We would like you to pay attention to the apps, keywords and regions which were promoted. In our experience (you can see it in the provided examples), it is effective to promote games not only in the most popular regions, like the USA, but in other ones as well. So here we want to give you some examples of keywords they are ranking for and groups of keywords they are now promoted in search by specific region. We recommend you to pay attention to the number of installs and days in the campaign and how many positions this app increased in search for, as it is extremely important to remember that promotion strategy for Google Play and AppStore differs a lot because of differences in their algorithm work. By the way, you can read more about this in the following article.

Let’s start with Google Play examples. As you could remember, the most wide-spread strategy for Android apps promotion is setting campaigns for 5-7 days on average and using the everyday increase of the amount of installs for each promoted keyword, as well as promotion of the search request with the same core element in groups.

The first keyword we worked with is “mmorpg”. The app was promoted in the US and starting position it has for this search request was 183. As the position was quite low, we have started with low amount of installs despite the fact that the keyword and region are competitive, the score of the request according to our platform is 51, what makes it popular. We have started with 40 installs daily and increased this amount for 5 installs. Below you can see the 5-day campaign settings.

After the first test campaign we managed to achieve top 40 for the keyword. Obviously we have decided to continue the promotion, as our main aim was to hit top 5 for this request in the US.

The next campaign we set was already for 7 days and with higher amount of downloads. We have started with 60 for the 1st day and increase the number for 10-20 installs every day. Below you can check the campaign settings.

After this campaign we managed to get top 5 for the keyword in 3 days after the campaign was finished. The increase graphic you can check below.

It is necessary to mention that alongside the other keywords with the element “mmorpg” were promoted, so to support the main one and provide the more stable increase. 

The next example is as well for Google Play and the keyword we worked with is “rpg idle”. The promotion was conducted for Great Britain. The starting position of the app for this request was 210, so it is almost the end of the search list. That’s why the first aim we were trying to achieve was to increase the rank at least to top 20, so to be able to work with higher amounts for achieving of top 3. 

Anyway, the first campaign was the screening one and we have started the promotion with low amounts as well as added the other connected keywords, such as “rpg idle online game”, “rpg idle for free”. These are the keywords of low popularity, so we set the very minimum for them, like 5-10 installs daily just to show Google that the application gets the installs for the similar keywords as well. Below you may see the setting for the keyword “rpg idle” for 2 conducted campaigns.

After the first campaign we managed to achieve top 20, and after this with the help of the second campaign for 7 days the main aim of top 3 was achieved. The increase graphic you can check below.

Now let’s check the example for iOS application. The keyword we worked with in the US region is “rpg merge games”. As you remember, the promotion strategy for AppStore differs and there is no need to make long campaigns for 5-7 days as for Android. So it is completely enough to set the first test campaign for 1-2 days to check how the keyword reacts to promotion and then stick to the same strategy with short campaigns, but with higher amount of used installs. 

We have started as well with the position 100, which is considered to be low, so for the first campaign we set 50 installs daily for 2 days to test the reaction to promotion. Below you can see the setting for the campaign for the keyword “rpg merge games”.

After the first campaign we managed to increase the rank to top 10 as it may be seen on the graphic.

After the first campaign we set one more to get top ranks. So we decided to increase an amount and set 100 installs daily for 1 day. This brought us top 1 for this keyword in the US. Check the increase graphic below.

As you may see from the examples above, even promotion of game category may be completely successful and result in high positions. Keep in mind that promotion for Google Play and AppStore is conducted using the different strategies and approaches due to the algorithms stores have. But that is not the issue for us, as we follow all the trends and updates, so our support team is ready to help you with all the campaign settings, as we can create the most efficient strategies that will help your app to achieve top positions in search!

If you want to know more about how promote your app by keywords, learn our guide.

Our support team is always ready to help you with all the campaign settings, as we know the current trends in keyword promotion and the most efficient strategies that will help your app to achieve top positions in search!

My way in keywords promotion and ASO started more than 3 years ago. At this stage I work closely with different app categories and have an experience in keywords promotion both of Android and iOS apps.
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