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Keyword promotion with incentive installs becomes more and more popular every year. Google Play and Apple Appstore algorithms generate keyword ratings based on the total number of installs per keyword. Without a significant number of installs, users won't be able to find and install a new app so its visibility will be 0%. The demand for good quality incentive traffic grows in proportion to the growing number of apps on the market that need keyword promotion in ranks. Every year these numbers grow. successful business
We have a client that has been working with us for a very long time. He created his own website for reselling android installs and uses our service as his traffic source. Our system is reliable and works properly, so he can be sure that his clients will get high-quality incentive installs in time with no problems. Also, you can easily earn money with our service. In case of any issues, we have a refund policy so if his client is not satisfied with the service, we will offer a refund, a new promotion strategy that will work better. With a proper marketing, our re-seller's website became one of the most recognizable on the market! His daily number of orders and campaigns exceeds 20 and even more!
In a world of evolving internet businesses, a lot of people have more possibilities to earn money online without big investments. This particular type of business is simple, with no high risk and profitable enough. You can achieve this success with us using our API Tool.
API (Application Programming Interface) is a tool of communication between various components. For example, it enables one website to interact with another website.
This tool will come in handy for resellers and developers who want to promote apps and run a lot of their campaigns or the campaigns of their clients via their own websites. This is a very useful tool, that will make your app promotion much more comfortable as you won't need to log in to our website every time you want to create an order.
Our API has a full set of functions:
  • You can set and manage orders fast;
  • You add or delete apps easily;
  • You can add or delete keywords;
  • Retrieve application details;
  • Retrieve payments details etc.
API Tool will make it easier and more comfortable to run your own business with paid installations! It's simple, fast and reliable! To access API, you will need to log in to your personal cabinet and here you have it!
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