about us is a self-service platform that works with Android and iOS applications. We provide incentive traffic, that will help to boost your app and reach the TOP, that is a significant part of ASO for organic traffic attraction.
We focus on keyword promotion and want to become the most efficient tool for our clients to reach the TOP of Play Market. So we continuously improve our services:
  • Dashboard improvement. We will make it easier and more equipped with useful features for promotion;
  • client support. We work with our support team to guide your promotion campaigns more efficiently. That will help you to use all the potential of the platform with minimum cost.;
  • Personal Manager. Get higher results with the right promotion campaigns. To create one for you, we assigned Personal Manager to your account. Ask for one in support chat. Department's experts are responsible for apps analysis, professional promotion campaigns creation, positioning, descriptions and keyword planning. develop our product and spread our service worldwide. Now, you may get installs from more than 200 regions.
We provide two types of promotion: package ID installs (direct installs) and keyword installs. They serve different goals:
  • Package ID installs are for new applications. This promotion type helps to increase the total amount of installs per app. In such a way, the application grows in total Google Play ranks and becomes more visible for organic users. When the app gets a certain number of installs it starts to rank by keywords. After that, you may continue with keyword installs campaign;
  • Keyword installs are for fast growth in keyword ranks. It is made to simplify the process of searching your application by the Google Play users.