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Many novice developers often turn to us with one serious question: How do I start my promotion? After conducting a detailed analysis of frequently asked questions, we have compiled a specific work algorithm that will precisely help you to place your first order in 3 simple steps.
Step 1: Choose your perfect promotion.
At first you need to understand what kind of promotion you need. To do this, take a look at the number of installs that your application already has. You can easily find this information in your developer's console or on the main page of your application.

If your app is absolutely new - it will be better to start promotion with package ID, but if your app have enough installs - you can easily start your promotion with keyword installs.
Step 2. Set an order!
Depending on the type of promotion you choose - you should order a certain number of installs. For the option with package ID installs, a simple campaign of 1000-2000 installs per day for 3-4 days is the best way. In the case of promotion by the keyword, the application should be promoted within 5-7 days with average 300-500 installs per day. If you're not sure what promotion strategy to choose:
  1. Everything depends on your desire and of course the budget, but you can see the best strategy below (without analyzing);
  2. You can always contact our support department, who will analyze your application and select an individual promotion strategy for you.
Step 3. Start your promotion.
To ensure that you do not have any problems when you first fill out an order, follow this step-by-step algorithm:
  1. Add your app! Go to «My apps» and press the button «Add new app». Insert app package name or google play url and don't forget to choose the country to promote for.
2. Go to «Orders» menu and select the «Add new order» option as on the screen below.
3. Choose country where you want to promote your application, select an app that you added before. Specify the number of installs and split installs for amount of days needed. Select the way of promotion: for example by package ID (by direct link). Don't hesitate to add rates to your app. The last point: choose installs delivery type and press the «Start promotion» button.
4. If you have chosen keyword promotion: you have to choose country, select an app that you added before. Specify the number of installs and split installs for the amount of days needed.

Go to «Edit keywords» section and if you know what keywords you want to promote you can add them by using «Add my keywords» button.

Don't hesitate to add rates to your app, choose installs delivery type and press «Start promotion» button.
Step 4. Extra!
If you want to find keywords, but don't know how to do this, then read here everything you need to know about keywords.

Congratulations! Everything left is to wait until the order is finished and observe the result after 3-5 days after ending of the order in your developer's console.

We wish you good luck in your progress and remember that our support is always willing to help you!
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