is a service that is opened to its clients and tries to be closer to them. We are always open to give them some help and explain how to make promotion campaigns more clever and more rational. We are genuinely interested in our clients' results! For that reason we attend conferences: to meet new people and share our practical knowledge about android app promotion in a modern market.

at conferences

GameDev Days 2019, Tallinn, Estonia
GameDev Days Conference is an excellent networking opportunity! Traditionally, it brings together the world's leading game development companies to share their knowledge and ambitions.

We had an opportunity to show the power of our services to the people who work in the game development industry and helped them in promotion of their applications.
Lviv Game Dev Conference 2019, Lviv, Ukraine
Lviv Game Dev Conference 2019 is a conference about the latest trends in the gaming industry in the format of live communication.

The reports presented on the conference covers all the stages of creating games - from the emergence of ideas to enter the global markets.
Games Gathering, 14 July 2022, online
Games Gathering is the biggest B2B conference in Ukraine dedicated to game development and the creation of high-quality gaming content.

Games Gathering Conference will provide the latest information on the trends in the gaming industry.
Elena Vedmedenko has been the Sales & Support Team Lead at for 2 years. Elena will devote a lecture to a detailed overview of how to get top positions even for high-frequency keywords, using all possible modern methods and tools.