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You get 10% of any spendings your referral does at You can withdraw the money from your account to your Credit card or Paypal account.
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Some simple rules you need to follow

We work to make our referral program simple, transparent and trustworthy. So, we have a list of rules that help us to manage referral payments and our work. Please read them carefully before you start working with us. When any of these rules violated, we will stop working with you.
Multi accounting is forbidden. As well as managing referral accounts on your own. So, no Fraud.
Do not leave our referral links and banners at risky, dangerous websites. If you want to drive the audience that will give 10% of the money back to you, choose close-to-promotion and app optimization resources. Contact the webmasters and bloggers to co-promote our platform.
Your contact information, credit card or payment account is up to date and real. We want to be in contact with our resellers and know our partners.
Do not promise the referrals something we can not accomplish. If you use us for app promotion, you know what we can. If you are new to, study our blog and Main Page. Log in to our Platform to understand our service.

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