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Why is it easy to make money with us? is a platform for self-promotion of mobile applications by users on Google Play and the App Store. We already have over 43,000 users who promote about 400 products daily in Google Play and App Store search.
● seasonal promotions and discounts
● the minimum order amount is only $25
● you can withdraw the money from your account to your Credit card or Paypal account
● our designer will help with the preparation of creatives
● when your referral receives a new tariff plan (Silver, for example), we transfer your account on to the same tariff
● almost all types of traffic are allowed, except Google ads and doorway traffic
Your benefits working with the referral program:
● the largest GEO among competitors - we promote iOS applications in 115 regions of the world, and Android in more than 200 countries
● the largest volumes of installations
● 30-day ratings and reviews guarantee
● free analytics in your personal account
● promoting new applications
● free personal manager
● 50% off for first order
● regular promotions, as well as an understandable bonus system
Benefits for users which you can use in your posts and texts:
Check your ASO and Keyword Promotion Knowledge!
Receive our support team recommendation to take your expertise to the next level.

How can you get your referral clients?

You know the people that could be interested in promotion by installs. Tell them about the and benefit from it.
If you want to be in the app promotion business and show your expertise to others, think about the creation of your content. Make it popular, recommend our platform, and get money from this.
There are professional groups and communities you can contribute to. Some of their members will be thankful for a new instrument of search.
Share the link with colleagues, niche experts
Leave it in comments, forums, video blogs
Create your blog, website, or channel

Some simple rules you need to follow

We work to make our referral program simple, transparent and trustworthy. So, we have a list of rules that help us to manage referral payments and our work. Please read them carefully before you start working with us. When any of these rules violated, we will stop working with you.
Multi accounting is forbidden. As well as managing referral accounts on your own. So, no Fraud.
Do not leave our referral links and banners at risky, dangerous websites. If you want to drive the audience that will give 10% of the money back to you, choose close-to-promotion and app optimization resources. Contact the webmasters and bloggers to co-promote our platform.
Your contact information, credit card or payment account is up to date and real. We want to be in contact with our resellers and know our partners.
Do not promise the referrals something we can not accomplish. If you use us for app promotion, you know what we can. If you are new to, study our blog and Main Page. Log in to our Platform to understand our service.

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There is only 1 click between you and the referral program. To get a referral link, register or log in to our platform and take link in the Referral Program section. Earn today with