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Keyapp provides installs for Android and iOS applications with the same quality, exact numbers and from regions you choose.

Sell installs from Keyapp

There are two price plans for Resellers at You have to fit certain requirements, to become our Base Reseller or a Gold Reseller. But once you are in one of these groups, you get the same price as other Keyapp partners. The most loyal and old partners have Gold Reseller Price Plan. Check the prices!
Reseller Base
per keyword install
Reseller Gold
per keyword install
per keyword install
per keyword install
Check your ASO and Keyword Promotion Knowledge!
Receive our support team recommendation to take your expertise to the next level.

How to become a partner?

Here are our requirements for you to become a partner. There is nothing special for you if you use our platform daily. However, it is better to check it out before filling in FORM.
Reseller Base
  • More than 1,000$ spent for promotion on platform
  • Has a website or blog about app promotion, installs
Reseller Gold
  • More than 50,000$ spent for promotion on platform
  • Already has Reseller Base Price Plan

Suit the requirements? Apply for the reseller

We will analyze your profile and contact you via the messenger you leave in the application. It usually takes up to 3 days, before we will be ready to move you to Base or Gold Reseller price plan.

Stay in contact with your Personal Manager for this time. He or she will be the first to let you know about any updates. Have any questions? We love to answer them!