What is ASO

And how to make applications shine before promotion at Keyapp.top

(App store optimization)

What is ASO

And how to make applications shine before promotion at Keyapp.top

(App store optimization)

You probably know that promotion of the website is a long and well-planned procedure. It works the same way for the applications too. Publishing on the App Store or Google Play store will not be enough to get users for fresh apps. You need to optimize applications. All marketing strategies, instruments and tricks you use to make your app higher in ranks and more appealing for users are altogether called ASO. Basically, ASO is SEO for application.

When an SEO optimization expert tries to increase the number of visitors, app promoters work to increase the number of downloads by users. Optimization strategies work non-identically, as algorithms differ for Google Play Store and Apple App Store the same way as for popular search engines.

App store optimization guide in 5 steps

With more than 4(!) millions apps at app stores worldwide, developers find numerous ways to increase numbers of downloads. You can pick and adopt any app marketing strategy you want. We will briefly cover the most crucial elements one definitely will include into app search optimization plans.

Description — key to app search optimization


Let's be fair, users do not download your application, because the description is cool. Thank god, they still read that 3 first lines but never click MORE button to see the whole text, right? So, the question is who reads all the 4,000 characters of the text. The search robots do this stuff to evaluate your relevance for the cloud of keywords you would like to rank for. Algorithms apply ranking factors to represent how your app store keywords correspond to users' search intents at Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
How to become relevant for the keywords you would like to be searched for? In best-case scenario app search optimization includes these steps :
  • Write out the search requests your users most likely use to find apps like yours.
  • Add your app to our platform, go to the Smart campaign section and from the list of keywords choose the most valuable and high-frequency ones.
  • Add your competitors' apps and get the keywords your are not optimized for.
  • Group the keywords by keyword cores and meaning.
  • Use these app store keywords writing meaningful description in 4000 symbols.
  • Launch a few-days campaign at keyapp.top to get quick organic growth on these keywords.

How do you understand that your description sucks?

With keyword promotion campaigns you will get high positions in mobile keyword ranks. But if your app description is short, spammed with keywords or has little in common with the app niche, you will gradually lose your visibility positions and will need another keyword promotion campaign soon.

You should improve your description, work on keyword optimization and keyword cloud. When this is done, short-term keyword promotion campaigns will give you a lasting mobile keyword ranking at top positions.

Want to know about choosing keywords, keyword repetitiveness, forms and stuffing? Read our experts' recommendations on keyword collection and description optimization. That will give you more insights and understanding of ranking factors.

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App title — clickbait or app search optimization?


Application name or title is one of the most important things your product has. It is a combination of brand uniqueness and call to action for the user to download.

How to balance uniqueness and let users and robots know what your app is about? Use all the length of description to our advantage. Either 30 characters (for the App Store) or 50 (for Google Play Store) will be enough to write both app title and main keyword in.

If you have just optimized your description, update the product's title too. Add the most valuable and high-frequency keyword to the title. The best way to write App Name+Keyword is like here:

Optimize visuals to get all ASO benefits


"Shut up and download my app" does not work in the real world. Your visuals should be deliberately thought through, tested for several times and changed when people get used to them and click rates drop. Numbers of downloads but not your sense of taste is the only metric that proves your visuals are good or they need improvement.

What is the app store optimization for visuals? Work with how your app looks can be broken into app icon, screenshots and video optimizations.

Icon says everything about your app

Best icon ideas are somewhere between deep understanding of the application purpose and catchy design. There are many variants of bad icon optimization examples but we nail core things your icon must have:
  • Explaining what is your app about at the first glance
  • Makes users click it to learn what your app is about
  • Uniqueness or common style of your brand
  • One design and logical connection with title
  • Gives a tone for the whole app page
If you optimize for both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, do not forget that iOS products need 1024x1024 pixel square icons witch will be rounded when published, while Android apps go in any shape but 512x512.

Screenshots - not ready to download, want to see the insides first

What are the main features of your application? What melts the client's heart or will glue him/her to your product? Collect these mechanics and show them on the screenshots. Test out the best two for your front place at the screenshot gallery. Add marketing basic product features and advantages to your app marketing strategy. This will help you to get more organic users not only through the keyword optimization but through a clear understanding of how your product makes its job actually done.

Here is a first-aid checklist for screenshots:
Top up limits at Stores. Publish as many screenshots as possible
Add 4-5 words phrases with keywords to explain the feature you pictured
One feature – one shot. Be straight and simple in what you show
Test them out! Run A/Bs to find the best variant for your page

More ASO through UX with ratings and reviews


Mouth-to-mouth recommendations and customer experience may be the final reason to convince the visitor the application is worth the download. So be thankful for any reviews you get from your customers. It is a powerful source for product development and Store page optimization. Try to answer the comments people leave at your page. Leave no review without feedback.

Reviews are a significant ranking factor too. Add 1 review per 15-20 installs. We recommend to write original reviews with the keywords you use in your description and title. The algorithm will see that information about your product is close to the feedback you get from user experience. Real clients will understand that features and advantages are real. They will also appreciate your writing back on each comment.

Do you need cheap and effective reviews from 1 of 35 regions?

Localize, reach more people, get more traffic


While thousands fighting for one highly competitive region, like the USA, ASO experts earn millions choosing 3-4 less popular regions. Mobile marketing should be complex and multiregional if you want to get all the benefits of ASO. When you optimize your application, localization may get you from the red ocean of a tough market to new regions.

Keyapp.top Personal Managers turn their heads to Canada, Australia and Germany as the app marketing strategy for them will be less expensive than for the USA or GB. In fact, some of our clients run Australia promotion campaigns two times cheaper than in North America with almost the same revenues per client. Keyword optimization will be less time-taking when your product already appears in store search. Hit the link to our blog with real cases on how to optimize your app and get top-3 for 20$.

This was not the last mobile marketing insight

Do not ever think these 5 steps where enough to have in-depth understanding of mobile keyword ranking and algorithm work. We write annual guides about what is new in app store optimization. If you have any questions about ranking factors or effective tactics for higher numbers of downloads, feel free to ask us. Register at keyapp.top to get a weekly portion of articles and cases about iOS and Android marketing. We will be glad you steal case strategies to your advantage!
App store optimization services
There is a lot of manipulation about what service it is better to use. Keyapp.top is not an analytical tool itself, but you have built-in instruments to manage your mobile marketing campaigns. They are absolutely free and available for you as soon as you log in at keyapp.top. However, when you start a comparative analysis of keyword difficulty and positions to plan keyword optimization campaign, you already may have Appsflyer, AppRadar, ASOdesk accounts and use them actively.

Do not be distracted, when planning a keyword promotion campaign. If you use keyapp.top for promotion - follow our statistics and compare it to your App Console data. Do not distract yourself with additional information from third-party sources, their algorithms may significantly differ. Read more about how we work with app store keywords and promote to the top.

Rap it up, will your ASO be good now?

We are frank with Keyapp.top users, 5-steps and 1000-points checklists do not help to make your app search optimization right. You should read more and learn from ASO experts. There is no guide better than recommendation form ASO expert with 5,000 hours expertise in Google and Apple App Store rankings. When you register at keyapp.top platform and start promotion campaigns, feel free to ask our Support Team for additional help. They will contact you with ASO experts at our platform, so you can put any questions you have about app promotion and keyword optimization.

So far, the most common questions are:
  1. How to collect the keyword cloud;
  2. How to promote a fresh new application;
  3. How to increase the number of downloads for this money;
  4. How many keywords installs I will need to reach Top-3;
  5. How can I optimize app visuals.