What is deeplink and how can it be used in your app marketing?

What is deeplink?

Deeplink is a hyperlink that redirects the user to a specific section of an application or website. This feature reduces the number of intermediate actions for the user and helps him get to the right page in the minimum number of clicks. It is a text line which looks the next way {bundle_id}://{command}, for example my.app.com://run?source=keyapp or my.app.com://timeline.

Deeplink consists of two parts. The first one, before ://, is always an app bundle ID. Bundle IDis a unique application ID. For example, the bundle ID of an android application may be id=com.slots.pre.play.games.on. For iOS applications, this bundle ID exists as well , but we do not see it in the link of the application. However, each app developer knows it, as it is obligatory.

The second part of the deeplink is a command, for example run, open, chart or any other word with any params. Each developer comes up with a command by theirselves, there can be as many of them as wished. These commands are then passed to the application code after the launch and the application itself decides what to do depending on the command that is written in the deeplink. In fact, a deeplink is a parameter that is set when the application lauches and the application checks it and can change its behavior depending on the set parameter. Those, inside the application, using a deeplink, a transition to a specific page can be carried out, for example.

What happens while installing an app for which a deeplink is specified in the order and what is the behavior of the user in this case?

If a deeplink is specified, then after the application installation, by keyword or direct link, the application will be launched and then the deeplink will be clicked. This actions leads to a specific page of the application, for example. Users don’t know what the deep link command will be, it doesn’t matter to them, the main thing is that the user installs the app, launches and clicks on the deeplink to execute the command programmed by the application developer.

What is deeplink used for in app marketing?

This is a way of analytics if we are talking about the use of deeplink at our service. For example, the owner of the application may create a deep link bundle_id://run?source=keyapp. We install the application, launche it and click on this deeplink. Thus, our installations fall into the analytics marked as installs from Keyapp.

Your app may have 5 or 10 thousand installs per day, so using the deeplink, you can filter traffic in analytics and see how much come from our service, because. We click on the deeplink after launch obligatory. We will click on the deeplink provided by you, so all traffic from us can be checked and filtered in analytics.

How to set an order with a deeplink at our service?

● Go to Add Order or Add campaign as usually to set the order.

● Choose AppStore, app and the needed region.

● Set the campaign details, such as keyword, days, amount of installs needed.

● Provide a deeplink to run after app’s installation (without leading bundle id) in this field.

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