How to analyze the results of app promotion on Keyapp.top platform?

On our platform, you can verify all of the information required for keyword promotion of your application. I mean the app position for the keyword, keyword popularity, and the estimated traffic the keyword can bring. With all these details, you can analyze the results received from the promotion of our platform. 

In the “My keywords” section, you can add keywords and check the positions and charts. The main aim of keyword promotion is to get higher ranks for the search request and with this to attract more organic users.  With these chariots, you can see how many positions the application increased during the time you ran the campaign with us.

One more thing you can analyze with the help of our platform is how many installs were received for a particular date or for a particular keyword. This can help you analyze how much you will spend and how many installs you will need to get the particular position for the needed search request. All installs are reflected in the developer console or App Store Connect, and you can also see if there is an increase in the number of organic users your app receives after reaching top rankings for high-traffic keywords.

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