Case Study

Dating apps are very popular right now and the competition in the niche is huge.  Our client’s goal was to get more visibility in the ranks and reach top positions for medium competition keywords in the USA.

These are the steps of his successful keyword promotion with!

First of all,  he needed to analyze the actual keywords for promotion. To get such information it’s better to use an ASO tool that will show you all the keywords your app is ranked for.


He decided to boost 3 keywords at once in one campaign:

local hookups:  rank before – 211

find hookup: rank before  – 138

women hook up: rank before – 190

The keyword promotion lasted 3 days, every keyword was boosted with 100 installs each day which makes  900 keyword installs in total.


The full result is visible after 2-3 days since the promotion is finished when ranks and stats in Google Play are fully updated.

Let’s’ look at the results:

local hookups: rank after – 17. + 194 positions higher in rank

find hookup:  rank after – 1. +137  

women hook up: rank after – 1.  +189

The result is great! Right now the organic traffic from top should be enough to keep this dating app moving further and ranking for more popular keywords.

If you want to have the same results and boost your app to Top in Google Play, we are here to help you! provides a wide range of services from keyword boost to professional ASO.  

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