The rivalry between the two most successful companies is what is really interesting. So, now we will reveal 5 advantages of Android.

Thanks to the openness and availability of Android, the market presents a huge number of models running this OS, which will suit customers with any requests. The diversity is not comparable to the iPhone, which is produced by one company. Freedom of choice is one of the main advantages of Android-based devices that no other existing mobile OS can boast of.

The variety of Android-devices is perfectly complemented by almost the same number of different styles of design for smartphones and tablets on this platform. In the iPhone, the biggest thing you can do to change the appearance of the interface is to change the wallpaper and add widgets to the lock screen. And that’s all. This is not in any comparison with the customization of the Android. On the Internet, thousands of different buttons, fonts, icons and whole themes are available, completely changing the look of Android. If you so wish, you can update your smartphone at least every day for a year, without ever having to repeat it.

Even the fans and ardent apologists of the Apple platform often with horror remember the need to use iTunes in order to throw music from your computer onto your smartphone. Especially strongly from the congestion and complexity of iTunes suffer owners of Windows-computers. In Android, there is no hint of such problems. The device can be connected to any computer and work as a USB flash drive. Moreover, many Android-smartphones can connect a variety of peripheral devices through the OTG-cable, from mice and keyboards to storage devices.

Almost any program can be installed on the Android-device absolutely free of charge, even if on Google Play for it ask at least one dollar, even one hundred. For this, almost nobody movements are necessary. It’s enough to tick the settings and register on one of the many resources with a compromised software. All – welcome to the world of free pirated content. In iOS, there is also the ability to install such applications by resorting to jailbreaking, but this is due to incommensurably greater difficulties.

As in iOS, and Android has its own software fished. In the OS from Google, you can put them anywhere on the desktop and get the actual update without unnecessary movements. The same weather forecast the user will see as soon as he looks at the screen. Multitasking in Android and iOS is implemented in different ways, with its pros and cons. Nevertheless, Google offers a more convenient and familiar for computer users system. Let it badly affects the battery life of the device, but it offers honest multitasking.

If you could unequivocally say that one OS is better than another, there would be only one, the best platform in the world. However, users still have a choice. Based on the needs, tasks, financial opportunities and personal sympathies, everyone is able to choose on their own, without prompts, what is to his liking. And iOS and Android are evolving, improving, growing and, what’s too much to say, become similar to each other. One thing is obvious – both operating systems are worth living and from version to version are getting better.

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