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Instruction How to Use ChatGPT To Promote Your Mobile App. 10 Practical Advice for ASO Managers and App Developers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the way businesses operate, and the app promotion industry is no exception. With the increasing use of AI technology, app developers, marketers, and ASO managers can now more effectively promote, localize, optimize app performance, and gain insights into their users’ behavior. In this article, we will explore how AI, for example ChatGPT, is being used in app promotion, the benefits it brings, and how it can help developers and marketers achieve their goals from automating repetitive tasks like the collection and processing of analytical information to providing personalized recommendations for ASO and SERM. ChatGPT is transforming the way apps are optimized and discovered. By understanding how to use ChatGPT in ASO and app promotion, developers and ASO managers can gain a competitive edge and drive more downloads and engagement for their apps.

Chat GPT is a chatbot capable of actively participating in discussions and generating relevant responses to queries just like a human. Through supervised learning, the chatbot can analyze large amounts of data and offer predictions.

1.Make pre launch market and competitors research

Artificial intelligence replaces analysts and managers because it can find information like Google. The only negative that we could find here is that it does not provide links to sources, which, of course, is not very convenient. But I think this will be fixed when the bot leaves test mode and other developers start implementing it. Intuition, experience, and manual labor can no longer cope with the processing of the flow of information, so you can ask ChatGPT the following questions before launching the app:

  • What is the current size and growth rate of the {your app category} app market?
  • Who are the main players in the {your app category} app market? 
  • Compile a report of competitors in the {your app category} app market?
  • What are the major trends in the {your app category} app market? 
  • Give me a list of main innovation features which will be relevant for {your app category} app market?
  • What are the main features and peculiarities for {your app category} app?

We received clear answers to our questions, ChatGPT identified the main competitors, suggested which features to implement in the application in order to succeed. Yes, it’s similar to Google’s search engine hints, but better and more personalized. If you don’t like the answer, then specify the request: add the region, year, or specific names of competitors for analysis.

Please note that ChatGPT only uses information that exists until 2021 when responding. Therefore, ChatGPT cannot process or respond to current events.

2.Using tips for app visualization

ChatGPT cannot create an icon for your application or replace the designer. But it can analyze the applications of competitors, give you recommendations, and provide the basis for the image briefs for the designer. If you want to know how to “Design a great icon for the best ASO and get more users to download your app,” read our tips.


3.Generate engaging and informative descriptions of your app and making keyword research in different languages

App positions in the App Store and Google Play directly depend on metadata, such as title, subtitle, promotional text, short and long description. ChatGPT is able to write texts based on databases, given topics, or analysis of similar materials. It can help ASO managers save time writing correct texts. Please note that you can set the tone of voice for your text and writing style, as we did on the screenshots.

Ideas which you can use chatting with ChatGPT:

  • Integrate humor in the ideation phase
  • Make my content to feel friendly, relaxed, professional, persuasive, witty, adventurous…
  • Write texts in style which you prefer, like William Shakespeare, Stephen King or John Tolkien

You can easily and quickly conduct keyword research with Chat GPT before keyword app promotion. All you have to do is write a few target keywords you want to rank for and wait for it to load a list of related keywords. Of course, artificial intelligence cannot replace ASO managers, so I advise you to check the result of the issuance. You can also ask to write keywords in any foreign language for any region, as I did.


If you are interested in app localisation in Japanese and South Korea, read our full guide about ASO and promotion for Asia region, where you can find useful tips from our Support Team.

Additionally, you can also use free ASO tool – Suggestion keywords tool for adding new keywords. Just add the keyword on your account, press button “Suggest” and get the suggestions from the store which organic users see when they type this particular request in the bar on Google Play or AppStore.

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4.Generate social media posts, press releases and ads that highlight the key features and benefits of your app.

According to Khoros platform 42% of the world’s population — a whopping 3.2 billion people — use social media. So it is important to use the power of social media for app promotion. From my experience of using ChatGPT, I can draw the following conclusions: – a non-professional cannot distinguish machine text from the text of a living author

– ChatGPT helps to solve the problem with content generating but not for 100%. A text built on general judgments and conclusions must be saturated with facts and sources of specific data.

Some examples of task which you can give for ChatGPT:

  • “Can you generate a social media post that highlights the key features of my new productivity app and its benefits for users?”
  • “Can you write a press release that announces the launch of my fitness app and explains its unique features and benefits?”
  • “Can you create an ad for my gaming app that showcases its stunning graphics and exciting gameplay?”
  • “Can you write a social media post that emphasizes the security features of my financial app and its benefits for users’ financial well-being?”
  • “Can you generate a press release that highlights the unique features of my dating app and its success rate in matchmaking?”
  • “Can you create an ad for my language learning app that showcases its interactive features and its benefits for language learners?”
  • “Can you write a social media post that explains the benefits of my app for mental health and its features that support mental wellness?”

For your convenience, you can ask it to generate a list of subtopics for every topic generated (like I did), format the list as a CSV in a code box, and format the results in a numbered list.


The uniqueness of the text written by artificial intelligence is quite high – from 89%

5.Write email campaigns that target potential users and encourage them to download your app.

As we wrote before in our full guide of app promotion email marketing is one of important part of mobile app promotion. It can be an effective because it allows you to directly reach potential users and provide them with information about your app. Here are a few ways email marketing can help in app promotion:

  1. Building a sense of community: Email campaigns can help to build a sense of community among your app’s users by providing them with exclusive content, updates, and information about the app.
  2. Increase brand awareness: Email campaigns can help increase brand awareness and credibility by providing users with information about your app and its features.
  3. Encourage downloads: By providing users with a direct link to download your app in your email campaigns, you can increase the chances of users downloading your app.
  4. Retargeting: Email marketing allows you to retarget users who have opened your email but haven’t yet downloaded your app. You can send them a follow-up email with a reminder or some incentives to encourage them to download your app.
  5. User feedback: Email marketing allows you to collect user feedback, which can be used to improve your app and make it more user-friendly.

6.Generate chatbot scripts that can be used to answer questions and provide customer support for your app.

Undoubtedly, effective customer service is a major driver for business growth and customer satisfaction, especially when it is available 24/7. AI can conduct dozens of dialogues at the same time and processes requests faster than operators. It helps improve the impression of interaction with the support department of your application.

7.Create content for a landing page on your website that is designed to encourage users to download your app.

Chat GPT can become your daily writing assistant. You can improve the quality and style of your writing if you follow the suggestions and feedback from the chatbot. Moreover, the chat will automatically correct your spelling and grammar mistakes.

8.Writing reviews with particular keywords for improving app reputation

Positive reviews can increase an app’s visibility on app stores and make it more likely to be downloaded by potential users. It can also improve an app’s credibility by providing social proof that other users have had a good experience with the app. Don’t forget that app store algorithms take into account the number of reviews and the average rating of the app when ranking apps in search results. Therefore, more positive reviews and higher ratings will likely lead to a better search ranking. 

To increase the visibility of your app on Google Play, you can utilize brand search requests. However, this strategy is not available for the App Store. It’s essential to keep in mind that incorporating brand names in your app’s metadata can negatively impact your app’s search rankings on both Android and iOS. This can lead to higher expenses in order to achieve top rankings for those keywords. To avoid this, it’s best to refrain from using brand names in your app’s metadata and instead, rely on brand search requests to boost your app’s visibility on Google Play.

ChatGPT helps ASO managers with writing reviews with particular keywords, which can be used to improve reputation thanks to our platform. Order High-Quality reviews with your custom text and keywords that stay more than 30 days on your app page.


9.Write a response to a negative comment.

Addressing negative comments about your app is crucial for maintaining a positive reputation and ensuring user satisfaction. Responding to negative feedback demonstrates that you care about the user’s experience, and are willing to take responsibility for any issues. It also provides an opportunity for customer service and feedback, as well as an opportunity to win back users who may have had a negative experience. Additionally, responding to negative comments can improve transparency and show that you are active and engaged in the community, which can enhance trust and loyalty towards your app.

10.Search influencers, forums and blogs for app promotion.

According to research Influencer marketing is huge and Reached $16.4B in 2022, it and expected continue to grow. So you can use AI to find the right influencers in your app niche, in particular Geo.



In today’s digital age, promoting a mobile app can be a challenging task. But with the help of GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) technology, ASO managers and developers can take their app’s promotion to the next level. GPT allows generating social media posts, press releases, ads, and more that highlight the key features and benefits of the app. Using GPT and platforms help you attract more users to your app by finding new keywords for more regions, increase app visibility, and improve app reputation. With GPT, the possibilities are endless. 

It’s important to keep in mind that while ChatGPT can generate a lot of content quickly and easily, it’s still important to review and edit the output to ensure that it is accurate, appropriate, and effective for your specific audience and goals.

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