Design a great icon for the best ASO: get more users to download your app

When users browse app stores, their first impression of your app is your app’s icon. Right now visuals are everything. This fact makes your icon very important for your app marketing, as you are also going to be using that icon in a lot of places like your promo website, social media etc. Having a great app icon that stands out doesn’t mean you’ll get tons of downloads, but it sure will help you get users to explore your app, click on your icon and skim your app’s page. And then finally download it!

So what makes an app icon great?

  1.  First, it’s simple and understandable. It’s better not to use any words there as you already have a title.
    It looks great in different sizes and on different backgrounds. It looks great full screen and when it’s just tiny, should still be recognizable.
  2. Make your icon consistent with your app, so that users don’t get confused and remember you. If you have several apps using the same concept, design your icons with consistency.
  3. Adding borders to your icon can ensure it looks great on all backgrounds. You never know where it will be used, so it’s better to think this through right away.
  4. Try to make it unique. Your app should look valuable from the first glance.
  5. Look up to your competitors, analyze their design concepts maybe you will be able to imply something to your work without losing your authenticity. Try to deconstruct your favorite app icons and figure out why you like them and what methods they use to stand out.
    If you are working on the icon for Android, be sure to check out Google’s Icon Design Guidelines and their Android Icon Templates Pack.

These advises are good for every app icon on iPhone or Android app. If you need some inspiration and want to see great examples of iOS icons, browse through the iOS icon gallery. There are lots of professional beautiful works you can pick up from.

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