How to increase your chances of getting gambling apps on Google Play?

More and more often, we hear from our users that the new updates from Google Play are increasingly filtering out applications. We’ve talked, asked, and thought about it, and we’ve come up with some rules we’d like to share with you.

Let’s start with something simple: code. Very often, many developers write code “on the fly” following a single template. Yes, it used to work before, just creating a basic template code that Google would pass with an 80% chance. Unfortunately, this no longer works. Now, if you want your app to get through, you need to put in more effort and refine your approach, closer to iOS standards. Pay more attention to small details, special features, and unique twists.

Your application should be written with quality in mind, with a focus on the quality it will bring to users. Your Webview should also meet the new high platform requirements.

The second important component is accounts. In our experience, apps from well-established accounts that are at least two months old are more likely to pass moderation. Forget about dummy accounts and the cheapest accounts from Indian websites. In this case, it’s time to turn to friends, family, and good people who can share access to their accounts with you.

These two elements work in synergy. If you make a mistake in either of them, everything described below will be meaningless. But if you are ready to approach the uploading of a new gambling application carefully, here are some additional tips for a successful moderation:

  1. Make sure your app complies with all Google guidelines regarding gambling apps. These policies can be found on the Google Play Developer Policy Center website. If the application falls short, continue reading the instructions below and this will help you increase your chances of successfully passing moderation.
  2. Provide clear and concise information about your app in the app description. This includes information about the types of gambling your app offers, the age restrictions for playing on your app, and the responsible gaming features that are included in your app. Try to adapt your application description to the rules. The link to the information from Google Play is here.
  3. Use high-quality screenshots and videos to showcase your app. Screenshots and videos should be high quality, meaningful and visually appealing. The application will not be able to pass moderation if your images have pixelated pics.
  4. Test your app with a professional QA team. This will help ensure that your app is bug-free and meets Google’s quality standards. Buttons that don’t work or animation that doesn’t work are not acceptable and can negatively affect the approval.
  5. Submit your app for review on Google Play. Once you submit your app, it will be reviewed by a member of the Google Play team. If your app is approved, it will be published on Google Play.

Now let’s look at more specific steps for moderation success:

  • Focus on developing a high quality application. Google is more likely to approve well-designed and polished gambling apps.
  • Make sure your app is unique and innovative. Google is looking for gambling apps that offer users something new and different. Focus on a “trick” that your competitors don’t have. The application should stand out with its functionality.
  • Target your app to a specific audience. Google is more likely to approve gambling apps that target a specific audience, such as casino players or sports bettors in a specific geo.
  • Try to announce your app on social networks and other channels and place advertising on the promotion. This will help increase the awareness of your app and include screenshots of rave reviews with users’ anticipation in the app description.
  • Also, don’t ignore the ASO  optimization side of things.

In addition to the tips above, there are also a few ASO  tips you can follow to increase your chances of getting your gambling app approved on Google Play:

  1. Use relevant keywords in the title, short and full descriptions of your app. This will help Google understand what your app is about and who it is intended for. You can find out how to choose the right keywords in our article.
  2. Write informative and engaging content to describe your app. This will help attract users and encourage them to download your app.
  3. Get backlinks to your app from other high-quality websites. This will help increase the authority of your app’s listing and improve its ranking in Google search results.
  4. Create social networks for your application, add a call to follow and subscribe. This step will help build loyalty and trust that your app has a future and success among the users who expect it.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of passing gambling moderation on Google Play.

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