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We provide motivated keyword installs for Android and iOS mobile games. Use all instruments of our promotion service to be #1 in your niche!

Effective service for mobile game promotion

We work with all kinds of applications at Google Play, boost ASO for your mobile games with our built-in free instruments.
Make orders in the three-click SMART campaign. Our AI suggests you best promotion options for your Play Store Game. Use this tool to check your and competitors' ranks.
Android and App Store promotion is a long and well-planned process. It is hard to design ASO plan or marketing tactics for mobile game. Use our free analytics tools to see keyword competitiveness, difficulty and your current position.

SMART campaign


Control each install and dollar you use at platform to boost downloads of your mobile games. We make mobile promotion transparent and easy. You choose the keyword sets, regions, installs frequency and money spending on them. All our professionals have more than 5 years of ASO and app game promotion.
No need to pay for Drafts. Create and update them to see keyword installs campaign cost and current positions of your app. We save all Drafts you make at Launch them when it is time to promote your game.

Fine Tuning of mobile games

Drafts for keyword Tracking and Planning

Our prices for Android and iOS game installs

We work in the 38 regions and expand our presence. Check out the cost of one install per keyword from the countries you need. Combine installs from several regions to boost downloads of your mobile games.
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Taking care of each indie game promotion

We know that each mobile game costs thousands and thousands of hours of development. Be sure in our expertise and mindful approach. Contact us now to get a personal manager to lead you through the whole promotion process.