You do not get organic traffic and are not visible in search? promotes your application by the words and phrases it should be searched for. You get the ranks your Android application needs.

Android applications get up to 70% of traffic from search, but not adds

Google Play applications' popularity strongly depends on your ranks in search for the main words and phrases as well as your position in the app category. While promotion by category is a hard expansive process that requires up to 20,000 daily installs, promotion by keywords may require 100-200 installs to become visible and get first organic users.

If you are not familiar with keyword promotion for Android, think of it as of SEO optimization for applications. While SEO (search engine optimization) managers buy links with anchors to be on the first page of your Google search, ASO (app store optimization) managers buy installs by the keywords.

An Android application can rank for hundreds of keywords. Altogether they make keyword cloud with words of various popularity, length and conversion. You should choose the most important for you. These are the words, you are more likely to be searched for, clicked and installed.

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Choose correct numbers of daily installs to get maximum results

Application promotion is a two-three week process for most keywords. If a promotion campaign is created correctly, you will get maximum results in a 14-20 days boost.

Divide your strategy into 3 parts:

Spend 2-3 days finding out how far your app will rise for a keyword with 10-15 installs per day. After this, you can calculate the overall potential of your marketing campaign. When you see that your application gains from 4-5 positions per day, make a 10 days campaign with the same number of installs.

Finally, with your keyword at 20th position, move it up to the top, increasing the number of daily installs by 1,5 every 2-3 days.
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Your next move! What regions you can choose from?

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Let our team check your draft before your launch it

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