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What CPI traffic will you get?

We have more than 100 countries in our list. You can sort them by Tier, Continent or Price per Installs for future app marketing at our platform.
Any country you want
Choose from 0,05$ to 1$ per install in the region you need installs from.
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Get people from a certain region to watch in-app videos and ads, make purchases and use your products.
In-app activity
Buy traffic for Android apps to get bigger numbers on the app page. CPI downloads also help you to balance your promotion with motivated traffic.
Better numbers in ranks and numbers

What can you do with this type of downloads

CPI traffic gives purchases and activities in the app you can get money for.
Traffic for earning money
Your Android application can get thousands of installs at the market page. You will grow in the category by them.
Promote your app in the category
When you order +1000 keyword installs to reach your top 1 for the super competitive word, you need some 1000 more CPI installs to make this app drowth in rank natural.
Balance promotion by keywords
A new application can not be found at Google Play for its relevant keywords. To make it visible, start with some installs from cheap sources of traffic.
Index your Android app with cheap CPI

How to make app marketing successful and safe?

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