How do I remove negative reviews from the top of the list?

We talk about featured reviews by Google. Unfortunately, no one knows which algorithm Google uses to push these reviews to the top, as they do not reveal it and there is no official information, but anyway, we can make some assumptions. First of all, it is important that the review be long and really consist of information directly connected with the application. Also, it is important for Google to see that the user who left the particular review actually entered the application, spent time there, and provided a kind of in-app activity, and according to this, most probably, Google put the reviews in the top spots. 

Of course, there is one more important thing here, which may be that the user account is important for Google. It is needed to see that actually the account is not fake and it is used to download different applications from Google Play as well as to leave the reviews for other apps or games. Previously it was also possible to get the review to the top with the help of likes but nowadays it is not possible so one of the main methods to remove negative reviews from the top is actually ordering positive reviews but pay attention when you order positive reviews or try to write texts which are long and which consists of the detailed information about likes or dislikes about your application. In such a way you will show Google that the review is real

And actually, it can be put on top here, and of course, the more positive reviews an app gets, the more chances there are that some of them will go here to the top and actually replace the negative ones.

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