How can I use my bonus balance?

We have a bonus system available for all our users. Please, pay attention to the ways you can use your bonus balance:

  • You can use bonus balance for Android and iOS keyword and package installs, reviews and review likes. 
  • Bonus balance is not used for CPI campaigns. 
  • Bonus balance is used AFTER the funds on the main bonus are completely used. When the Main balance is equal 0, the system starts to charge the funds from the Bonus balance automatically.
  • When you want to close your account at Keyapp.top, we refund the Main account only. We cannot refund the funds you have on the Bonus balance.
  • You can not transfer money between Main and Bonus accounts.

Bonus funds expire after 120 days if not used. We remind you that you can spend bonuses on all Keyapp services. You can read more about the platform rules here.

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