Bonus account

Keyapp.top has its bonus system available for all users. You get your bonus money in different ways. Read about how to get bonus at Keyapp.top here.

Money on Main and Bonus accounts are differently used:

  1. When you top-up your Main account, bonus from the payment goes directly to the Bonus account.
  2. When you do app promotion, system spends your Bonus account money first. When money on Bonus account is not enough for promotion, system charges from both Bonus and Main accounts. When Bonus account is 0, system chargers from the Main account.
  3. You can do iOS promotion for Main account money only.
  4. You can do ASO for Main account money only.
  5. If we had some technical problems with your order but promotion was still successful, we add free money as an apology to the Bonus account.
  6. When you cancel your order, we do refund and return the exact price of the order we charged from both accounts. Please see #1.
  7. Money for referral program are added to the Main account.
  8. When you delete your account at Keyapp.top, we refund the Main account only.
  9. You can not transfer money between Main and Bonus accounts.