Why I have to promote by the keywords?

We recommend to choose keywords promotion for 2 obvious reasons: keyword installs will help you to boost your app’s rank and reach your target users faster. For example, Package ID promotion will not affect your rank or position of keywords in any way. So keywords promotion will help you to make the app more visible in the list of apps while organic users are looking for the particular keyword on the store. To start your keyword promotion at Keyapp.top, you need:

  • Go to the “Add Order” or “Add Campaign” section
  • Choose country
  • Select an app that you added before
  • Specify the number of days
  • Choose the keyword among the ones you added to My Keywords section previously
  • Set the amount of installs for each day
  • Press the «Start promotion» button.

If you are not sure which strategy to choose for your keywords promotion, contact our support team or your personal manager. They will create the strategy and recommend how to start to get the best result.

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