Results for 2023. We wish our Keyapp users a Happy New Year and great results in 2024!

As we bid farewell to the eventful year of 2023, we extend our warmest wishes to all of our loyal users at Keyapp for a happy and prosperous New Year ahead! 

Keyapp 2023 Overview:

  • Our team doubled in size during 2023 and continues its growth constantly.
  • There was a 23% increase in the number of applications added to the platform compared to 2022. We consistently work on improving our products for you to provide the best possible results in keyword promotion and organic traffic acquisition.
  • Over 9200 cups of coffee were consumed in our office.
  • Android vs. iOS dynamics shifted throughout the year. Initially, Android held a 70% vs. 30% lead, but by the end of 2023, we observed a shift towards iOS, with a 60% vs. 40% split meaning the increase of Apple store due to the recent events on Google Play.
  • Notably, Android keyword installs surpassed iOS ones by 70% at the middle of the year, although iOS confidently gained ground by year-end.
  • The most popular niche for app keyword promotion was iGaming, utilizing over 25 promoted keywords daily for one app in one campaign.

Major Issues Arising from Google and Apple Changes

In 2023, Google Play updates  became a challenge for developers, detailed in this article. Changes included algorithm updates leading to the removal of motivated Google reviews, mass app blocks in the summer, and new requirements for account verification and testing in the fall. Simultaneously, Apple’s search algorithm update on December 6, 2023, resulted in significant position shifts for apps, necessitating new position-checking approaches.


  • Winter-Spring 2023: Algorithm updates led to the mass deletion of motivated and organic reviews on Google Play.
  • Summer 2023: Mass app blocks occurred.
  • Fall 2023: Google introduced verification requirements for all pre-created Google Developer accounts.
  • New updates: Provide 20 app testers for accounts created after 13.11.23.
  • Commencement of app indexing issues.


December 2023: The search algorithm update significantly altered app positions.

Apple’s old API for position checking began displaying outdated positions which appeared to be a problem almost for all ASO services. We’ve developed  a new algorithm for positions checking on Apple directly from mobile devices. At this moment, we have already added a new ranks checking system to the platform to provide as accurate positions as possible and everything operates more than satisfactorily.

Apple is currently showing extremely  promising results in keyword promotion, and we anticipate a good year ahead for the App Store in 2024.

Future trends in the mobile application market

In 2023, the mobile app market continued to evolve as user preferences changed. Rapid technological advancement, new features, and changing user behavior have impacted the dynamics of the industry. Forecasts suggest further development, increased demand for gaming applications, as well as changes in application store algorithms in 2024. Also, the App Store is showing good dynamics, next year a lot of  of the developers will partially begin to move to the App Store, especially in the niche of iGaming as the AppStore shows really good results in indexation and keyword promotion processes which makes it easier to work with traffic arbitrage compared to Google Play at this particular moment.According to the analytical platform Precedenceresearch, the growth of the mobile application market will not stop and will attract more and more users.

This year’s findings

As we enter a promising New Year, we continue to change and adapt to market changes and are constantly looking for solutions for you by forming innovative strategies in accordance with the changing requirements of app stores.

May the new year 2024 be filled with new opportunities, limitless success and unforgettable moments. Thank you for being an integral part of Keyapp. We wish each of you a Happy New Year full of achievements and prosperity!

Let’s together continue to develop the mobile application market and make it better every day.

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