keyword installs from france

More keywords installs from France with love! We have the 11th country on

It happens 3 times a day. Someone asks whether he or she can buy keyword installs from France. And with a broken heart, we had to answer no to them. 

But not today! 

France is available for promotion now and you can use this region to make your keyword promotion campaigns even broader. We suggest you set 7-days campaigns with 6-8 keyword installs for each keyword. It’s better to choose at least 5 keywords to promote them all at once. It will be enough to acquire new users from this country and rank your app to the TOP of the list. 

So how much will you pay for keyword promotion in this region?

keyword installs prices for france

Oh, and one more thing. We are not biased, but still believe that Frenchmen are more into visuals and elaborate texts (even in English). So, it may be the right time to ASO up your application. We write descriptions, subtitles and optimize logos and screenshots to make your app both algorithms friendly and eye-catching for potential users. Please, contact our support team to get more information about app optimization for App Store and Google Play, as well as or prices for the services. 

Au revoir!


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