How to use service? service has a lot of useful tools that will help you promote your app in the Google Play Market. But not everyone can understand right away how to use it profitably.
Let us show you how our service can be useful to you!

For example, we are going to make an app that is dedicated to “Minecraft”. Our goal is to get maximum downloads with the keyword “Minecraft”. Of course, at the beginning our app would have low rank and it would be hard to find it among all applications related to “Minecraft”.

                 What we are going to do then?

For sure, we have to boost our rank and increase the downloads for our new app. we need to use 3 types of keywords: short-tail, mid-tail and long-tail  in order to make the app searchable. This strategy should be successful for us!

We are going to take 3 keywords:

  1. minecraft skins for kids  – short-tail keyword. It is rarely searched by people but is easy for an app to be ranked for, because we have put this keywords in the app’s name.
  2. minecraft skins –  mid-tail keyword is more often in search, but due to its popularity our app doesn’t have a possibility to be searched for it at this moment.
  3. minecraft  – long-tail keyword is our goal, because people search everything that is connected to the “Minecraft”.

                 Example of campaign

First days we will promote low-frequent keywords, then low+mid-frequent keywords and after that we are going to use our traffic for high-frequent keys. Here is an example how it will work for our promotion:

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3

  • 100 downloads – keyword “minecraft skins for kids”
  • 50 downloads –  keyword “minecraft skins”
  • 10 downloads  – keyword “minecraft”

Day 4, Day 5, Day 6

  • 10 downloads – keyword “minecraft skins for kids” (move it to TOP 10)
  • 100 downloads –  keyword “minecraft skins”
  • 50 downloads  – keyword “minecraft”

Day 7, Day 8

  • 10 downloads – keyword “minecraft skins for kids” (move it to TOP 5)
  • 50 downloads –  keyword “minecraft skins” (move it to TOP 20)
  • 100 downloads  – keyword “minecraft”

                 Why are we sure it will work?

First, short-tail, mid-tail  keywords will not be found. But as soon as they will be searched, system will start to promote the targeted keywords. And you will get your downloads.  How to promote a new app: package + keywords with the new tool “New Campaign”?

As soon as you publish the app on Google Play you won’t have any downloads with key requests. That is why, first thing you have to do is to provide downloads in the first days of launch. That is possible with the help of an option “package installs”.

After your application has got the place in the rank, you could start promoting the keywords (by the strategy mentioned above).

These strategies give you an opportunity to promote your app faster, comfortable for you as you don’t have to check the downloads every hour and reach your keyword promotion goals!

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