How to Earn Real Money with

Right now a  good quality incentive traffic is in high demand. Mobile market is growing every year bringing more apps and mobile games, more income to its owners and new experiences to users. The competition is also very high so to make apps visible on the market becomes harder. Based on this, app promotion methods become crucial. No doubt, paid mobile traffic showed to be an effective tool in promoting mobile apps and games. We know it better than anyone else!  At, not only we offer you a quality service to promote your application, but also different ways to earn money.

How can you earn real money with

Well, there are a few effective ways!

1) Referral  Program

After registering on, every user gets their personal referral link. You can earn money by recommending our service to other people interested in android app promotion. You can share your link whenever you want: on forums, Android-related websites, groups on social media, with your fellow-developers or colleagues and friends in-app business. It shouldn’t take a lot of time but the profit will be visible!

Once a user registers using your referral link you will get 10% from all his spendings in our service for a lifetime ?

So, if your referral spends 1000$ in our service, you are getting 100$ to your referral balance! Sure, the people you will bring us the better, but even 2-3 serious clients that need to have a significant boost of their android apps can earn you money for your own promotion!

?You can receive the referral payment any time you want, directly to your balance or to your Paypal account!?

2) API Tool

API ( Application Programming Interface) is a tool of communication between various components, enables one website to interact with another website. This tool will come in handy for resellers and developers who want to promote the apps and run a lot of their campaigns or the campaigns of their clients via their own websites.

It’s simple, fast and reliable! ?

Our API has a full set of functions:

set and manage orders

add or delete apps

add or delete keywords

retrieve application details etc.

Otherwise speaking, API Tool will make it easier and more comfortable to run your own business with paid installations.

3) Special Bonuses

If you are our regular customer and know how our service works and what great results it brings, welcome! There are special bonuses for you! No need to add any funds to the service! These bonuses are totally FREE and easy to get.  Contact us if you want to learn more about it!  

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We are looking for active partners and would be glad to work with you!

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