API as a Tool of Running your Own Business

Hello! Today, we would like to outline an API as a tool of running your own business.

So, first of all what is an API?

An API is an interface which allows the developers to use ready-made blocks to build the applications. This tool will come in handy for resellers and developers who want to promote the apps and run a lot of their campaigns or the campaigns of their clients via their own websites. The more money you spend in our system the less your price for an install becomes. It’s a very good offer for resellers as it gives possibilities to earn more money.

With API it’s easy to:

  • set and manage orders
  • add or delete apps
  • add or delete keywords
  • retrieve application details etc.

Otherwise speaking the tool such as an API will facilitate the procedure of running your own business. So it’s really comfortable to run your business with our service and our new API.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

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