Get your app noticed in Thailand market with our exclusive april promotion!

Keyapp April Sale is now live, and we invite you to take advantage of keyword installs in Thailand. Increase your app’s downloads and user engagement in no time.

Avail a 50% discount on our keyword promotion services from April 17 to April 20 and set the campaigns to last up to 14 days.

Reduce dependency on a single market: If you only promote your app in one region, you’re dependent on the success of that region for your app’s success. However, if you promote your app in multiple regions, you reduce your dependency on a single market and can potentially mitigate the impact of any market fluctuations. So that it’s important to try app promotion in Thailand.

Algorithm how to become successful with our keyword installs:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Choose either Google Play or App Store
  3. Select the region with the active offer (Thailand)
  4. Determine the length of your campaign (up to 14 days)
  5. Enjoy the automatically applied 50% discount on your order.
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