Promotion Results with Case Study №6

Hello, guys!

Our new Case Study is here for you!

Today’s app is a game about mystical animals – pixelmons.

So naturally, one of the main keywords would be the keyword “pixelmon”, which is a great keyword with daily traffic almost 11k. so it can be hard to push. In this case, we start from 66th position in rank. Take a look!

1000 installs in total are split for 2 days, 500 installs daily.  

After waiting for some time after the order’s finished (usually it’s 3-4 days, sometimes even a week) we can see the result. This game jumped 30 positions higher. There can be a slight difference between our stats and Asodesk’s (or other aso services’) but it’s totally fine.

Right now this app is on 29th position in rank!

We will be posting more case studies so make sure to check our blog or our Facebook timeline.

This is a real demonstration how our service works and how you can use it in a right way for your own app promotion.

Go to our site  and find out all the possibilities we have for you!

Hope you learned something and stay tuned for more amazing posts!

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