Promotion Results with Case Study №5

This is one of the recent case studies we think might be interesting for you.

This is an ordinary simple case that a lot of you guys can have.

Let’s take a look!

The keyword is ‘manual camera’ which is not very competitive but still not a weak one.  The app is on 24th position before the promotion.  200 installs go on day one and 200 installs more follow up in 5 days. All the installs go in one day as before. Please note that it takes 3-4 days ( in some cases up to a week) for ranks to update and stabilize in Google Play.  As a result, we get  10 positions higher! This a very good result as the app was already in top 25 which makes it harder to boost.

We love sharing our experience with you and hope to have more great cases in future!

We wish you good luck with your upcoming promotions!

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