Promotion Results with Case Study №4

Hello, everybody!

Today we want to share with you another amazing case study!
We love to make such posts because not only they show the result of our service but also allows you to learn from them and become better at your own app promotion.
So, here it is!
This app is a game. Particularly, a game about dogs. No wonder the keyword ‘dog simulator’ has a decent traffic because who doesn’t like dogs! We started out from a position 136 and ordered 2 000 installs. All these installs go in one day. We see the boost and in 3 days add 547 installs more which, as you see from the picture, all go in one day too. As a result, the app is on the 16th position in rank, which means 120 positions higher. Well, that was a huge jump and we are very satisfied with this result.
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