Promotion Results with Case Study №1

We spend a lot of time analyzing play store market and different strategies that we have a chance to implement. Our experience on app marketing field has served us a lot in giving our clients the best ASO advice. With time we came to certain conclusions regarding app promotion that we believe are right. Sure, there are ups and downs, but we always strive to do our best and grow with every client we have a possibility to work with. So, here’s one of the successful case studies we are very glad to present to you!

This game is about block puzzles. So naturally, we would really like to be on top for the keyword ‘block puzzle’ which is one of our main keywords. The estimated traffic of this keyword is around 5k. We decided to be persistent and run 300 keyword installs for 5 days which makes 1500 installs in total. Stability is very important. If we decide to promote our app the best decision is to do it every day for a certain amount of time. Ranks and their growth or decrease should always be controlled so we don’t lose what we already have. Our app ‘s promotion started from the position 104. After the campaign was over our rank increased to 36th position. We jumped 68 positions higher and are very happy with the result!

We are very glad to offer app developers from around the world our effective service on and help them to reach the tops!


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