Case Study №35 +132positions to TOP-3!

Eh, our week of cases has come to an end. Do not be sad,there are more exciting posts waiting for you in the near future!

And today we will close our case marathon with a simple case of one of our clients in Brazil!

Our client’s application is a messenger, and he decided to promote it in Brazil. The client’s strategy is very simple: 1 day and 20/30 installations per request. In total, the client received 200 installations and as a result, he raised positions, some of which are now in the Google Play TOP.

Let’s look at the most successful changes. For example, the keyword Chat messenger. The request was at 137 positions, and now at 3rd place. And the keyword mensageiro gratuito was in 133rd place, but now it takes 1st place in the search. Also, the word mensageiro grátis was in 106th place, and now in 2nd!

Want the same result? Then promote apps with!

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