Case Study №33 +10 positions to Top in 3 days!

Hello! How is your week? Don’t be sad, a small reminder: Wednesday is a little Friday!

Today we will tell you how to promote the application to the 1st place by keywords, using only 5-10 installs per day. Many developers naively believe that the more installations they pour into the keyword, the better. Sometimes it works, but often the budget merges, and the result is not observed. We will show you that by ordering 5-10 installations per day – you can display a request for first place and enjoy a good result for little money.

So, our client’s application: niche – sports, topics – rates. It’s simple: we picked up keywords, created a simple strategy (see an earlier case, the same strategy as +1 installations per day). As a result, the application climbed to TOP-1 across Australia in just 3 days with just 300 installations.

Distribution of installations:

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