Case Study №28 + 28 positions higher

It’s been a while since we posted a case study so we decided to check the recent promotions and share with you some of the great results we are getting. So, here’s a promotion of one of our clients for the keyword ‘top ringtones’ in the USA. It lasted for 5 days with 100 keyword installs in total, 20 installs per day. The app was on the 29th position in rank before the boost.


Please check this chart to see the progress!


Right now the app is on the 1st position in rank!

This is an example of a single keyword promotion, but promoting your app with a complex campaign is even more effective! You can choose around 10 keywords and promote them all at once in the countries that we work with (the USA · Australia · Canada · Great Britain · Germany · India ·Russia).

We will tell you more about a complex keyword campaign in the next case study so stay tuned!

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