Case Study №16! + 44 positions in rank

New succesfull case study is here! Today we will look at the keyword ‘clicker games’ in Great Britain.

In total, we delivered 1401 installs on this keyword for our client’s game. The keyword promotion lasted 3 days which makes 467 installs each. It’s a good number for such keyword. We started boosting this game from the 56th position in rank. We always need to wait for a few days after the promotion is over to see the result. There won’t be an instant effect from incentive installs and you always need to give it some time which depends on a particular situation. For everybody the promotion is different: it depends on the app, it’s category, keyword etc

So, let’s look at the chart where we can see how the game went up in rank! +44 positions higher after  1401 installs – that’s a great result!

Stay tuned for more cases! : )

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