Words in reviews: main points

 Tag cloud is a visualization of the most used words in any piece of text. This format is useful for quickly perceiving the most prominent phrases used in your reviews.

The following reviews were not sorted according to any particular app category.

Let’s start at some 1 star reviews:

1 Star Reviews

Android 1 Star Review
iOS 1 Star Review

The first thing you notice is the negative words: No, But, Hate, Money waste, Delete, Sucks, Useless. It is understood that users who give a 1 star rating are not satisfied with your app.
The second thing you can see is the words related to the functional part of your product — Update, Crash, Download, Fix (bugs), Open, etc. This means that negative reviews are not only a personal opinion on the app, but also a serious reason to fix the bugs. Users are your free testers, listen to them.

2 Star Reviews

Android 2 Star Review
iOS 2 Star Review

Here again we see words relating to the functionality of the app — Crash, Fix, Doesn’t Open, After Update etc. The difference between 1 star and 2 star reviews? Those who give 2 stars to your app — they have hope! Notice the word PLEASE in both of the pics.

3 Star Reviews

Android 3 Star Review
iOS 3 Star Review

3-star users are your real friends in terms of making your product better, because they actually suggest features and improvements. When you fix the bug they point out or when you add the feature they request, very often they will change their minds and give you 5 stars! Notice the words If, Have, Need, Could, Wish, Sometimes. Challenge yourself, nail your product!

4 Star Reviews

Android 4 Star Review
iOS 4 Star Review

Users who give 4 star reviews are basically satisfied with your product. It’s possible that you may have asked for the review too soon or that they need to review the app for some sort of bonus. It’s also possible that the user is simply not in the mood and gives a modest rating — Good, Like, Fun, Nice.

Notice, however, that besides the compliment, there is a suggestion to improve — But, Would, Could, Need, Add, Only, Better and More.

5 Star Reviews

Android 5 Star Review
iOS 5 Star Review

Finally your favorite reviews. Absolute harmony between developer and user. Notice the positive words: Good, Best, Awesome, Great, Easy, Cool, Amazing, and emotions like Love, Thank, Recommend.

So playing a word game, may help you get 5 star reviews more often. It’s always nice to get compliments. Leave us a comment if you agree.

Source: asodesk.com

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