What you need to know about brainstorming keywords for your app

A lot of developers around the world still struggle with App Discovery. It remains the main issue in app promotion because the number of apps on the store is huge – almost 3 million now. This number can be frustrating but there are methods we can apply to get more app visibility. One of the most important is Keyword Optimization for which we need to brainstorm the keywords and choose the right ones we want to be ranked for. Search in Google Play Store still depends on the keywords found in the App Name and App Description. That’s why Keyword Optimization is so important. But what is the right way to brainstorm the keywords so it brings good results?

This is an interesting topic so let’s find out about it more!
1) Brainstorm! You have to consider all possible keywords and keyphrases that could lead to your app. A good list has around 1-2k keywords and keyphrases per language.
2) Google AdWords Keywords Planner
It’s great for generating new keywords and finding the related ones. But the true value of this tool is that it provides good keyphrases using your current keyword list. Complete the brainstormed list with the competitors’ keywords in the tool to get even more words.
At this point, you should have a great choice. You can add them all to your main list, or you could filter them out.
3) What are your competitors’ keywords
What you need to do is to list your competitors, search the store for apps with similar functionality and theme. With games, find all major apps with the same mechanics.
4) Skim the Reviews
Another way to find interesting keywords is analyzing your competitors’ positive reviews. Some ASO services have review analysis tools, matching keywords from reviews to the score users gave. The result is a list of features users liked the most about the app
5) Search Suggestions
Try typing in keywords, letter by letter, in a search engine and wait for the autocomplete to offer suggestions. For this you should obviously use Google (on an incognito window), for its popularity and quality, and Play Market itself, for its relevance; after all, your users will be using them both to find your app. Remember that long keyphrases are common on the web, but not in the Google Play Store. Keep this in mind when adding Google results to your list.

In conclusion, these tools are great and can help you a lot but they won’t generate the perfect list. You should keep your mind open and always update your keyword lists by researching new tendencies.

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