What is ASO and How to Market Your App Like a Pro

App Store Optimization (or ASO) is the process of optimizing an app to achieve a higher ranking in the store. If you do it well, your app will have an increase in app rankings, more organic downloads and app dedicated, engaged users. You are sure to be familiar with SEO. So in short, ASO is to apps what SEO is to websites.
• So how are the ranks formed? To determine your app’s position in search, Google has developed its own algorithms to decide where to position your app. What they do is they scan the app name and app description for keywords when a user does a keyword search in the app market. For Google Play, since the description is the main place to include keywords, it needs to be optimized for ASO. The best practice to maximize the effect is to repeat your keywords 3-5 times throughout the description without sounding too spammy. Don’t stuff your description with every popular keyword you know! You need to find a good balance between related keywords and a unique branding specifically for your app.
Another reason why ASO is important for your marketing is that it builds trust with users. A user that searches for something in the app store, will always look at the first search results that appear. They trust that Google will show them the highest quality apps first and the lower quality ones last. So naturally, when your app shows up on the first positions for a certain keyword in search, the user’s first thought is that it must be the best.
The other important thing that you might not pay enough attention to is your update frequency. Frequent updates indicate that you care for your app and it’s not abandoned. This will affect your rankings positively! To take advantage of this, simply make frequent updates. Updates every month or two will keep users’ interest for your app and your app ranking higher. Frequently updating your app also gives you the opportunity to continuously improve your app, change your keywords over time and continuously climb up in the rankings.
Here’s we listed some key methods for ASO

• Title Optimization
Include main keywords in your app name
• Description Optimization
Add niche targeted keywords to your app description
• Screenshot Optimization
Every screenshot should have a short description and look nice.
• Video
Add a short video about the app
• Icon Optimization
Good looking icon gives your app more chances to be downloaded
• Download, Rating and Review
Encourage your users to review and rate your app. It will sure to boost your overall ranking. As for app’s total number of downloads, it has a huge effect on how high it ranks in search. The more downloads an app has, the higher it will rank.
• Blog Post And Social Media Shares
Similar to SEO, in Google external backlinks and blog post will help ranking and will increase the chance to get featured on the app store.
When compared to other marketing methods, ASO is one of the cheapest ways to find new users. Once your app is ranked highly in search for a certain keyword and has enough organic traffic, it will continue to rank for months and sometimes even years after the optimization is done.

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