Top 5 Aso Tips You Definitely Should Know

We can’t stop talking about ASO…

Because it’s so important, people!

App store optimization is essential for getting a higher rank for your mobile application in the Google Play Store.

Getting a higher rank in app store rankings is crucial to increasing your apps’ userbase, and it can skyrocket your downloads and revenue generated from your app.

Okay, so here we are giving you the best 5 aso tips for your android app. Ready?

1.Use Keywords in Your App Title and in the first sentence of your description.

These are the most important areas to put your keywords in, the algorithm will look at them first thing.

2.Localize Your App!

Get your stats! Where the most of your users come from?

The majority of mobile devices are nowadays used in non-English speaking countries, and these countries also generate most of the revenue for mobile apps. So, it’s a good idea to localize your app content to meet the requirements of your target user base.

3.Don’t use too many keywords in the description

You must also be mindful not to overdo this as several amateur developers make the mistake of using too many keywords which may lead to lower rankings as such behavior is considered keyword stuffing. A single keyword must not be used more than 5 times in an app store product page.

The goal is not to game the system but to strike a balance between a description favored by the algorithm and a clear written description that will catch the attention of a user.

4.Have a Preview Video

Catch users’ attention from the first glance! Apps that have  a video preview have more chances to get downloaded!

5.Know your Customer and Competition

You must study your customers and competitors and create targeted marketing content to reach your target audience. You must be able to answer the following questions even before you start the ASO process:

  • Who are your real customers? Where do they live and what language do, they speak?
  • How do they describe your app?
  • What is your competitive advantage over other similar apps?
  • Track keywords targeted by your competitors?

You must try to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and strive to deliver your best. You can also learn a lot about your customers by interacting with them or reading the reviews of your app left by them as customers often vent out their issues in the review section of an app.

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